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Pea Netting is Up

April 2, 2011

Despite continued cool dreary weather, we got about two hours out in the yard today. Most of the peas have sprouted, and the early ones are several inches high now, so we got the trellis netting up for them. (If you haven’t used this stuff, it seems to be pretty great – nylon mesh with five inch holes. We used it last year for peas, cucumbers, and squash. They all did quite well with it, and it seems to be still in fine shape for another season, even though we didn’t take particularly great care of it.)

Last year it seemed to be almost into May before the peas really took off and started climbing, so we probably have awhile to go yet, but once they take off, they really take off, so it’s better to be ready.

I also got some of the past-their-prime items in two of the beds cleared out, and planted beets, carrots, broccoli raab, and spinach. Tomorrow we’re going to try to get some deer solutions figured out and perhaps reconstruct a better compost bin.

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